As the initial entry program for firefighting personnel, Firefighter I introduces firefighting concepts, practices and techniques necessary for success within the fire service. 

Based on the Firefighter Level 1 objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, this course develops knowledge, skills and abilities based on performance criteria for the following topics: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire behavior, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, building searches, forcible entry, ground ladders, ventilation, hose practices, fire streams, loss control and hazmat operations. Encompassed in the program are 6 hands-on performance sessions that cover the following: SCBA emergencies, tools, search, victim and firefighter removal, ladders, hose handling, fire behavior, and vehicle fires. A practical skills exam and written test are administered at the end of the course. 


NOTE:  Prior to taking hands-on sessions, probationary firefighters must be certified by the Chief of their Department in the following areas:  1) qualified on the Department’s SCBA equipment and 2) is physically and medically fit to undertake the training and passed the Department’s required physical exam.

Course Length:           Hybrid: 14 weeks; Conventional:  15 weeks

Prerequisite:               CPR, NIMS 700, NIMS 100 & NIMS 200

Certificate:                   NYS


Preregistration is Required