HazMat Refresher Now Available

The 2022 version of the HazMat Refresher is now available on the Academy eLearning site. Browse over to the eLearning Site for access to the course.

2021 HM Refresher Closing Soon

The SCFA 2021 Annual Hazmat Refresher will be available until December 15th. The course will then be closed while year-end work to the site, and the 2022 version of the refresher is completed. The 2022 Annual Hazmat Refresher will be available January 2, 2022

Lithium-Ion Battery Training 2022

Lithium-Ion Batteries are becoming a big part of the Suffolk County landscape and we need to be properly prepared to deal with these batteries during times of emergencies.This lecture will be offered over the course of the year and will focus on the failure of lithium-ion batteries and the concerns for the firefighters during operations […]

E.M.S. Officer and Leadership Training

The Suffolk County Fire Academy Presents NEW E.M.S. Leadership Training This training will introduce you to basic leadership skills and give you the tools necessary to become a successful E.M.S. Leader/Officer! Classes are currently scheduled at the Suffolk County Fire Academy on September 28th and another hosted at  Central Islip – Hauppauge Volunteer Ambulance beginning […]

Vehicle Fires

Firefighting procedures and actual extinguishment of motor vehicles will be conducted at this training session. Preferred class size is 15-20 students. A pumper is required along with sufficient SCBA for the attendees. It is recommended that the student attend fire station training class on “Vehicle Fires” prior to participating in this hands-on exercise.

Vehicle Extrication

To provide firefighters with the proper use of typical extrication equipment commonly found on fire department apparatus. Material covered starts with proper nomenclature through maintenance. Safety in the use of this equipment is stressed. This is not a course in extrication; it is a skill drill whereby firefighters are provided the opportunity to handle equipment […]


This facility is designed to duplicate commercial residential structures known as “taxpayers” in which ground level areas are operated as commercial entities and second story and higher areas are utilized for such purposes as offices and/or apartments. The facility is three stories high and contains a basement area. There are 53 compartments within this facility. […]

Smokehouse / Private Dwelling Search

The firefighter wearing SCBA will be expected to enter a hostile environment (smoke & heat) and systematically make their way through the structure while executing proper search procedures. Preferred class size is 15-20 students. Note: Firefighters who have not been thoroughly trained in basic SCBA use and search procedures should not attempt this training. This […]

Multi-Story (Tower) Firefighting

The tower facility lends itself to many different evolutions. It can provide combined evolutions for Engine and Truck company fireground operations for multiple story structures. Essentially, we train on the advancement of hoselines vertically – either by stairway or use of ground ladders. Standpipe operations can be conducted with emphasis on deployment of handlines from […]

Maze / Mask Confidence Training

The firefighter is presented with the unknown while wearing S.C.B.A. by eliminating the sense of sight to allow the thinking process to be utilized in order to find a way through the maze. This is a skill drill; working in the unknown of a strange structure while performing firefighting functions with the physical and psychological […]