Safety Stand Down 2022

Next week is Safety Stand Down 2022, and fire departments are advised to focus on situational awareness training and education during the week of June 19-25. Situational awareness is a critical component of emergency response operations. It is a process that helps firefighters solve problems, prevent bad outcomes, and make better decisions in high stress […]

Instructor I National Certification Exam, July 23rd

We are pleased to announce that the Suffolk County Fire Academy will be hosting the Fire Instructor I National Certification Exam on July 23rd, 2022 at 8am. Please see the training announcement below for the details on prerequisites and registration. There are 25 seats available. Based on the feedback received, will determine hosting of future […]

Water Rescue (22-03)

This Water Rescue training bulletin provides high level water rescue safety guidelines during operations and some special considerations.

Brush Fire (22-02)

This Brush Fire training bulletin provides high level safety guidelines for operation during a brush fire on and off the apparatus, and some special considerations.

LP Gas (22-01)

This LP Gas training bulletin provides a summary of the properties of LP Gas and points to consider when responding to an emergency regarding LP Gas cylinders.

FF I National Certification Exam July 9, 2022

The Suffolk County Fire Academy will be hosting the Firefighter I National Certification Exam on July 9, 2022. The Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) is accredited by the National Board on Fire Service  Professional Qualifications (commonly known as “The Pro Board”) to certify individuals who have met the requirements of the professional qualification […]

Introduction to EMS Leadership

This program is a 6-hour course designed to provide the EMS provider with the tools necessary to become an effective EMS officer, leader, or mentor in today’s EMS environment. Topics include leadership skills, problem solving, communication skills, motivational techniques, and related topics. Attendance at all 6 hours is required for successful course completion. Course Length: […]

Saving Your Own Culture

In this lecture, students will take away cutting-edge techniques of defeating VRP and patient movement using drags, carries, and the use of a Hasty Rescue Device (HRD). The “Saving Your Own Culture” lecture challenges the students to do a self-assessment of both their organization and members – Can they save one of their own? Two […]

Vehicle Fires

This drill reinforces the hazards in extinguishing a vehicle fire, whether the fire is in the engine compartment, passenger compartment or trunk.  The potential hazards of dangerous cargo, stored energy systems and safe fire attack are taught. Maximum: 20 firefighters

Vehicle Extrication

This drill is structured to reinforce the basic skills required to safely perform a quick and effective extrication of victims of a vehicle(s) crash.  Safety of the rescuers and victims will be emphasized throughout the drill not only focus on personal protective equipment but for scene management.  Some of the basic skills taught will be […]