Contamination Reduction and Cancer Prevention

Occupational cancer due to firefighting is a silent killer. Firefighters face a 9% increase in cancer diagnosis and a 14% increase in cancer related deaths. Unlike many tragic events that take firefighters lives many firefighters are dying due to firefighting related cancers.  Unfortunately, many of these deaths often go unnoticed. Learn how to take steps […]

Water Rescue Swim Test Announced!

In order to take the NYS OFPC Surface Water class, members must complete a swim test.  The Surface Water class will be scheduled sometime in April 2023 The Swim Tests are scheduled on March 29th, March 30th as well as April 1st at the Brookhaven Aquatic Center (located at 300 Mastic Beach Road, Mastic Beach, […]

Digital Fire Extinguisher Training

The Suffolk County Fire Academy presents fire extinguisher training using the BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System. Don’t let the first time you handle a fire extinguisher be during a real fire!  Prepare to successfully extinguish a fire with realistic, hands-on training. Lasers simulate the discharge of actual extinguishers for a completely safe and clean […]

National Grid First Responder Training

Whether you’re responding to a fire, accident, crime code, or wind and water damage, your crew and your community are counting on you. Knowing how to deal with utility-related hazards is an important part of the job. National Grid’s First Responder Utility Safety Training is a no-charge, self-paced learning program. Get started today! Register at […]