WMD Operations

This operations level course instructs first responders to mitigate radiological risks to themselves and the public while responding to radiological or nuclear weapon of mass destruction incidents.

Thermal Imaging

Students will learn about thermal imaging technology and the operational considerations when using a thermal imaging camera.

Trench Rescue Operations

This two day program consists of intense hands-on training in the field of trench rescue.  The students will be taught several ways to shore trenches, the different types of extrication techniques, proper rescue site management, as well as the proper safety concepts needed to complete a safe and successful rescue.  There will be live exercises […]

Trench Rescue Awareness

This course will discuss problems that can and do occur in trench rescue incidents.  Safety techniques, shoring techniques, proper procedures, team operations, and hazard assessment will all be discussed and explained in depth.  A test will be given at the end of the course. This is an 8 hour course which will be delivered over […]

Strategy & Tactics (STICO)

This course is designed to meet the needs of Company Officers responsible for managing the operation of one or more companies during structural firefighting operations.  The prerequisite for the course is Firefighter 1.  Pre-registration is not necessary. 

RIT / Firefighter Rescue

This course is designed for the Firefighter and Fire Officer to enhance their ability to operate proficiently as a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) / Firefighter Assist and Search Team (FAST).

Rescue Tech Basic / Confined Space Technician

This course combines Rescue Technician Basic and Confined Space Rescue allowing students to complete this training in a reduced time frame.   Rescue Technician-Basic – Provides a base from which to prepare students for a wide variety of possible rescue operations.  This course includes an overview in areas of specialized rescue, search, technical rescue management, risks […]

Principles of Instruction

This is an introductory course for individuals who will be conducting training at the company level.  It is designed for fire service training officers and company officers.

Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Void Search & Rescue

This is a two-day program with intensive practical void search training. The students participate in numerous void search evolutions with emphasis on team concepts, proper search techniques, safety operations, and size up. Simulated rescue scenarios will be conducted with students required to safely extricate victims from void spaces. This is a 16 hour course delivered […]

Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Interior Shoring

This two-day program will familiarize the student with the proper interior shoring techniques needed to safely construct all the types of interior shores generally utilized to conduct safe rescue operations. This is an intensive hands-on course, and all students will be tested on the proper construction of the various shores. this is a 16-hour course […]