Fire and Emergency Service Instructor II

This is an upper level course designed for the experienced fire service instructor. This course prepares the candidate to meet the Instructor II job performance requirements as defined in NFPA 1041 “Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications,” including developing individual lesson plans, scheduling training sessions, budgeting, acquiring resources, developing and analyzing evaluation and feedback instruments, and […]

EMS Officer and Leadership Training

This program is a 6-hour course designed to provide the EMS provider with the tools necessary to become an effective EMS officer, leader, or mentor in today’s EMS environment. Topics include leadership skills, problem solving, communication skills, motivational techniques, and related topics. Attendance at all 6 hours is required for successful course completion. Course Length: […]

Vehicle Fires

This drill reinforces the hazards in extinguishing a vehicle fire. The potential hazards of dangerous cargo, stored energy systems and safe, effective fire attack will be discussed. Maximum: 20 firefighters

Vehicle Extrication

This drill will be conducted exclusively at the Department’s facility (firehouse or training area) and is designed to allow department members to practice their strategy and tactics when faced with a vehicle extrication.  The Department will be responsible for obtaining the vehicles used for the drill and may set-up the scenario (difficulty) according to the […]

Taxpayer Fires

This drill is to provide firefighters with live fire training in a variety of commercial building types.  The scenarios allow for multiple commercial store fires with occupancies above for additional complexity in conducting fire operations within these type structures. Scenarios include below grade, first floor and upper floor fires and encompass fire development and fire […]

Standpipe Operations

This drill is designed to improve the proficiency level of the firefighter and the department while conducting interior fire operations utilizing a standpipe. A short classroom session will cover the fundamentals of the standpipe system, safety concerns and “tricks of the trade” associated with this operation. Students will then reinforce what they have learned under […]

Rapid Intervention Drill

This drill is designed to allow department members to practice their strategy and tactics when faced with a down firefighter. Members will be given scenarios and allowed to operate per their department protocols and procedures using their equipment. Instructors will act as safety officers during the evolutions to ensure proper size-up, firefighting procedures, radio communications, […]

Private Dwelling Search

This drill will enable the Firefighter and Fire Officer to improve their ability to conduct an efficient and effective primary search in a Private Dwelling. Utilizing a fully furnished Cape Cod style home the students will conduct a primary search in a heavy smoke condition. Additionally, students will be required to remove multiple victims from […]

Mask Confidence Course

This drill consists of a short PowerPoint presentation combined with an extensive hands-on portion designed to increase the firefighter’s proficiency with SCBA.  Emergency procedures and communications will be reviewed, and firefighters will be required to perform these actions as they proceed through the challenging maze.  In the maze the firefighters shall perform self-rescue evolutions, emergency […]

Low Rise Commercial Fire

This drill is designed to improve the firefighter’s ability to work safely and proficiently in a low rise mixed commercial occupancy. Firefighters and Fire Officers will be challenged as they face different occupancies on each level. Students will be instructed on tactics to confront and overcome these obstacles to ensure a successful operation. The Officer […]