Marine Emergencies

The jurisdiction of fires involving boats is a local responsibility with federal assets to assist if possible. This course covers all types of marina fires that one might expect to find in Suffolk County.   This session will review major aspects of the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard, NFPA 1005, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Marine Fire […]

Brush Truck Safety and Tactics

This course is designed to teach the Wildland / Urban Interface and fighting brush fires with specialized apparatus.  The Standing Orders and Watchouts are reviewed during the lecture.  Instruction includes the various types of brush fire apparatus and defining their limitations and capabilities.  Strategy and tactics of fighting wildland fires are discussed and history of […]

Thermal Imaging Camera

This drill will provide the student with a basic understanding of thermal imaging and its usefulness as a tool in the fire service.  Thermal imaging theory will be reviewed and demonstrated using firefighting thermal imaging cameras.  Thermal imaging camera tactics will be discussed and shown.  Students will learn the benefits of thermal imaging cameras on […]

RIT / Firefighter Rescue

This course is designed for the Firefighter and Fire Officer to enhance their ability to operate proficiently as a Rapid Intervention Crew.  Subjects covered include Air Management, Emergency Communications, Downed Firefighter Removal Techniques and Self-Survival Skills. This challenging course at the Fire Academy features a brief PowerPoint Program each of the five nights followed by […]

Ladder Company Operations

Topics covered in this course include an overview of Ladder Company operations at private dwelling and commercial building fires. There is an introduction to basic aerial devices and the proper use of them at various types of occupancies.  Course Length: 6 HoursPrerequisite: Firefighter ICertificate: SCFA

Firefighter II

Designed as the last step for interior structural firefighters, Firefighter II is based on performance objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, Firefighter Level II. This course consists of performance criteria in incident command implementation, building materials and collapse, vehicle extrication, technical rescue, fire hose testing, foam operations, flammable liquid/gases, fire detection and alarm systems, fire cause […]

Firefighter I

As the initial entry program for firefighting personnel, Firefighter I introduce firefighting concepts, practices, and techniques necessary for success within the fire service. Based on the Firefighter Level 1 objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, this course develops knowledge, skills and abilities based on performance criteria for the following topics: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire […]

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)

This course provides vehicle operators with a better understanding of the seriousness of emergency vehicle operation.  Based on objectives from NFPA Standard 1002, this course makes students aware of the potential for tragedy and financial loss and of the legal and moral responsibilities encountered when operating an emergency vehicle. During the hands-on portion of this […]

Engine Company Operations

This program provides the firefighter with in-depth information on the functions of a fire department engine company. Subject areas covered include: a historical review of an engine/hose company, various hose loads for effective fire suppression; water supply set-up, staff assignments and recommendations on how to meet accepted performance objectives for an engine company. There are […]

Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations with HMFRO

The student will be provided with the training to support firefighting activities that arise before, during and after fire attack with respect to their exterior only classification. The student will be exposed to the knowledge and skills pertaining to: Scene Safety, Fire Behavior, PPE and SCBA Practices (excluding donning and doffing of SCBA), Fire Extinguishers, […]