Fire Origin/Preservation (23-05)

In this month’s training bulletin we outline some things that should be noted regarding fire origin and scene preservation, as well as Fire Department actions.

Safety Stand Down 2023

Safety Stand Down 2023 is coming, and we are pleased to announce Safety Stand Down week speaker series. Please see attached info and share it with your department. This is a limited series with a limited seating for all Chiefs, Officers, Safety Officers, and members. Please visit our website and register now. We have some […]

Landing Zones (23-04)

In this month’s training bulletin we outline a summary of considerations and Firefighter/EMS situational awareness points regarding Landing Zones (LZs).

Elevator Emergencies (23-02)

For a summary of removal methods and fire department actions when operating at elevator emergencies see this training bulletin.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Responses (22-09)

Carbon monoxide alarms (and emergencies) occur throughout the year, but we see an increase during the winter months. This bulletin summarizes some of the properties of CO, and has some tips and considerations when responding to an alarm.

Oil Burner Emergencies (22-08)

With the colder weather approaching, you are likely to be called to respond to an oil burner emergency. This bulletin summarizes some conditions you may encounter and fire department actions.

Lithium-Ion Batteries (22-07)

With the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries in items like smartphones, laptops, toys, e -bikes, e-scooters and tools, this training bulletin provides you with awareness information and tips.