This training facility is designed to familiarize firefighters with the common problems encountered with suppression of fires in residential dwellings.

The facility is two stories in height and includes a full basement with exterior access.

Ideal class size is 20-25 firefighters. Each department attending the training session must provide a class “A” pumping engine at minimum. A full compliment of tools, as prescribed by the NFPA, is also required.

The following types of training can be scheduled at this facility.

New Recruit Training Level:

Training will familiarize the trainee with survival in a smoke and heat environment. Basic search, rescue, fire control & extinguishers are presented in this program. Fire ground considerations for dwelling type fires are thoroughly discussed.

A controlled situation is established wherein a student utilizes SCBA, Ladders and Basic Forcible Entry tools, along with 1.5″ or 1.75″ hoselines. Typical first due engine company evolutions are discussed and reviewed.

Refresher Training:

This training provides veteran firefighters with a mechanism to sharpen their firefighting skills in residential fire attack using basic theory and tools. The evolution will review the basic roles of each firefighter during a minimum response (single unit); search and rescue considerations and procedures; below grade basement fires; consideration of electrical systems and the aspects of proper ventilation and overhaul. The drill can also cover basic Engine & Truck company operations at dwelling fires.


A specialized class in which only line officers participate. Each officer will fill the roles of the firefighter while other officers are given an opportunity to command and supervise. Residential fire attack theory and operations will be covered. Officers will gain an understanding of their supervisory roles on the fireground and experience a variety of problems that they may encounter during residential fire operations. Since this class is conducted for officers, they will be provided the opportunity to openly discuss firefighting topics, which they may be unfamiliar with or need to refresh on

Prerequisite:  Interior Firefighter