Firefighter I

Can I use an E- Book for the class?

An E Book can be purchased from IFSTA at a reduced cost from the traditional text.

Do I have to enroll to take the course?

Enrollment is mandatory and students should be aware of class dates prior to committing to a particular course. Students are no longer permitted to just show up and attend a class.

How are the classes offered?

The Firefighter 1 program will be offered in following format:

Hybrid Class – The Hybrid class is a combination of online learning and traditional classroom sessions offered over a 15-week period.  There are eight  classroom sessions, seven online (self-paced) sessions and five hands-on training (HOT).  Included are the Practical Skills exam and written final exam.


How do I register for a course?

Registration is accomplished online via the SCFA Web site. Upon verification of enrollment in a Hybrid course students will be instructed on the procedure to access the IFSTA Resource One program.
Registration for a class opens two months prior to the start of the class at 8:00 a.m. (example: If the class start date is March 5th, Registration will open on January 5th at 8:00 a.m.)

How much time do I have to complete the program?

Once enrolled in a course you will complete the Firefighter 1 program in the indicated time period. If you are unable to complete the course you will be removed from the program and required to enroll in another course. You will be required to attend all the classes associated with that course.

If I have a specific question or need additional assistance with the program who should I contact?

Students can contact a Chief Officer via e mail @ for assistance and guidance with special situations. We request you refrain from calling the academy and all inquiries will be addressed ASAP.

Is there a Basic Exterior Firefighter class?

Students that require a Basic Exterior Firefighter Certification must enroll in a Basic Exterior Firefighter program on the open enrollment page.  This program is conducted within the confines of the Firefighter 1 course; however, Basic Exterior students are not required to attend all of the classes.  Details regarding required classes will be provided during the Orientation class.  Students are not permitted to switch from Basic Exterior to Firefighter 1 during the course.

What happens if I miss a class?

You are required to contact the lead instructor for that course and be guided by his instructions. Excusals will only be granted for justifiable reasons (i.e., Family emergencies, death in the family or unavoidable work conflict) and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Multiple absences may require the firefighter to withdraw from that course.

What is the required equipment for the Hands on Training?

Full PPE including Hood, SCBA & Spare cylinder, Hydration based beverages. Long pants and shirt is required for the Flashover simulator. Performance Fitness Wear (Under Armour type clothing) should not be worn. Students must remove all piercings.

What textbook will be used?

The textbook is the IFSTA Essentials of Fire Fighting (7th Edition). 

Where do I find the dates that the course will be meeting?

Courses will be posted at the Academy website on the open enrollment page.