Fire and Emergency Service Instructor I


This is an upper-level course designed for the experienced firefighter, fire instructor candidate, fire officer candidate, or other individual who will be delivering instruction within a fire service organization.  In addition to the basic knowledge, skills and abilities required for new instructors, this course prepares the candidate to meet the Instructor I job performance requirements as defined in NFPA 1041 “Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications”, including delivering instruction from a prepared lesson plan, instructional aids and should be proficient in PowerPoint development. The student shall also be taught how to use evaluation instruments, adapting lesson plans, organizing the learning environment, and meeting record-keeping requirements.

There is a lengthy pre-course reading assignment and students complete a pre-test, final exam and three presentations during the course. Course includes homework and independent study. 

Course Length: 40 hours
Prerequisite: Principles of Instruction
Certificate: NYS

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