The firefighter is presented with the unknown while wearing S.C.B.A. by eliminating the sense of sight to allow the thinking process to be utilized in order to find a way through the maze.

This is a skill drill; working in the unknown of a strange structure while performing firefighting functions with the physical and psychological effects of the unknown on the firefighter.

The training sessions have nothing to do with use of S.C.B.A. search and rescue procedures, but is a great addition to it. A firefighter should be qualified to use S.C.B.A. before attempting this class. The levels of training available at the facility are: training requires that a firefighter traverse all 3 sections of this facility. This can be accomplished in 2 calendar dates. This training is a component of the “Advanced Breathing Apparatus” course. It must be completed prior to earning a certificate in the Advanced Breathing course.

Due to the nature of this training, preferred class size is 14 firefighters. Larger or smaller classes are not desirable.

Note: Since this is not a breathing apparatus course, firefighters attending this training session must complete basic breathing apparatus SCBA training prior to attending. Any student exhibiting a lack of knowledge in use of self-contained breathing apparatus will not be allowed to participate. All firefighters attending are expected to be physically capable of wearing and using SCBA, as per PESH, OSHA and NFPA standards.

The departments must supply their firefighters with the SCBA used by their own department when attending this training. The Academy cannot refill cylinders used by individual fire departments. Prior arrangements should be made by departments who utilize their own SCBA to refill these units during the training session.