The tower facility lends itself to many different evolutions. It can provide combined evolutions for Engine and Truck company fireground operations for multiple story structures.

Essentially, we train on the advancement of hoselines vertically – either by stairway or use of ground ladders. Standpipe operations can be conducted with emphasis on deployment of handlines from hosepaks; proper standpipe support and engine hookup. Should a department wish to utilize the tower for Aerial device practice, we cannot allow the use of heavy caliber fire stream devices to extinguish fires. This is due to limitations of the facility. Aerial devices can be used to practice proper positioning, mechanical operation of the device, as well as ascending and descending the device. If ladder or tower pipes are to be used, the streams will be directed away from the structure under the direction of the Instructor.

A class can be scheduled for Truck Company Operations (using your department’s aerial device) without fire. Topics to be covered would be placement, position and a review of truck company tactics.

Typical class size is 15-20 firefighters.

NOTE: If only an aerial device is brought to this training session, actual fire extinguishment can