Gas Emergencies

This drill will reinforce the properties of natural gas and LP gas. Natural gas distribution pipelines and operation of control points for firefighters will be taught. The notification process and general considerations for responding firefighters to gas emergencies will be reviewed. Students will be instructed on defensive and offensive strategies involving uncontrolled gas leaks.   Maximum: […]

Flashover Simulator

The drill is given in two parts. The first is a classroom presentation regarding flashover warning signs and actions to take if faced with these conditions.  The second part is in the Flashover Simulator where firefighters can witness the fire development, thermal and ventilation impacts of the interior firefighting.    Maximum: 16 fire fighters for the […]

Class A

This drill is designed to improve a departments safe, effective, and controlled fire attack in a typical private dwelling found in our county.  The Class “A” structure allows for realistic heat, smoke, and flame to reinforce the skills necessary for maintaining firefighting operations.  Firefighters and Officers will be challenged as they face different scenarios on […]

Advanced Forcible Entry

This drill is designed to teach and refresh firefighters how to gain entry to a structure. It will expand on basic techniques taught during Firefighter 1. After a brief PowerPoint presentation, firefighters will practice the skills utilizing the Forcible Entry door prop. Alternate positioning of the Halligan tool and proper striking techniques will be emphasized. […]