Rescue Tech Basic / Confined Space Technician


This course combines Rescue Technician Basic and Confined Space Rescue allowing students to complete this training in a reduced time frame. The individual course learning objectives lend themselves to the overlap, rendering the combination appropriate. 

Rescue Technician-Basic – Provides a base from which to prepare students for a wide variety of possible rescue operations.  This course includes an overview in areas of specialized rescue, search, technical rescue management, risks and priorities; use of ropes, knots, and rope systems in a low angle environment, and establishment of landing zones for helicopter operations.  Demonstrations, practice sessions and testing are included.   

Confined Space-Technician – This course provides practical training in confined-space hazards; air monitoring and ventilation; space isolation techniques; personal protective equipment, including both supplied air, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), and respirators; and retrieval systems and methods.  Practical evolutions enable the student to evaluate a specific confined-space incident and perform the necessary procedures to safely and effectively rescue the victim.

Course Length: 40 hours

Prerequisites: Firefighter 1, Confined Space Awareness

Certificate: NYS

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