Fire Police Refresher

This course provides a complete review of Fire Police operations.  This course is recommended for those members who have already completed the New York State Fire Police program. Course Length: 3 Hours

Introduction to Fire Police Officer

This course will provide the students with knowledge in fire police authority, emergency response, scene size-up, safety, training, leadership and management, incident management, and pre-planning. This course compliments our ongoing fire officer and EMS officer courses.   Course Length: 6 HoursPrerequisite: ICS 700* & Fire PoliceCertificate: SCFA * Some courses are offered online, and they […]

Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace

This program is intended to assist the employer in addressing the OSHA training requirements in 29 CFR 1910-157, which briefly states that if an employer is going to permit an employee to fight a fire of any size, the employer must make sure that the employee knows the general principles of fire extinguisher use and […]

Incident Safety Officer

This course enables students to identify and analyze health and safety aspects that affect the Fire Departments, Ambulance Companies, and other Emergency responders in both emergency and non-emergency situations.  The target personnel are Company officers (Captains, Chiefs, Ex-Chiefs) familiar with the Incident Command System, Haz Mat management, applicable NFPA and Federal regulations, building construction and […]

Fire Police

This course trains fire police to perform their duties more effectively.  It includes defining and interpreting terms, oath of office, relation to regular police officers, general duties, maintaining safe conditions at an emergency, traffic direction and control, pre-planning, and various laws of interest to the fire service.  It consists of six sessions, five three-hour lecture […]